Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice Mystery and Inklingo, Clue 3

I was caught up by the time Bonnie released Clue 3. It ended up that I didn’t get Clue 2 totally finished until the wee hours of Friday morning. (Sometimes there is an advantage to having insomnia.) I know we really don’t have to keep up with the clues, but for me, that’s part of the challenge and fun of it. I appreciate that Bonnie planned that this clue was not as intense as 1 and 2.

I love, love, love making half square triangles with Inklingo. I’m using yardage so I printed the HSTs on 9 pieces of yellow fabric, layered each one on an unprinted caramel fabric (my orange) and sewed the whole sheet with one continuous seam, turning at the edge as necessary. This sheet has 24 HSTs, sewn and ready to cut apart:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Reminder: my camera distorts flat images so they don’t look square.)

Here’s a sample of my completed triangles and pinwheels:


My caramel fabric turned out to not want to play nice with pressing, it just wouldn’t hold a crease as well as I wanted it to. I ended up using steam to get the pieces to press good and flat. Also, to be sure the pinwheels fit well together, I graded the seams. I tried a few ungraded and they didn’t go together as easily or as nicely as those with the seams graded.

Since I finished this Clue early, I rewarded myself by winding a couple dozen bobbins. Are you like me? I really dislike being in the middle of some piecing and needing to stop to wind a bobbin!

Here is my storage container full of all my Celtic Solstice pieces so far:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been playing around with these on the design wall trying to guess at how they may go together…

Click the picture below for Bonnie’s Clue 3 link-up post. There’s usually about 200 Mystery participants who link up. I love seeing everyone’s fabric choices and which techniques they’re using to reach the same goal as me.

00 Paddy125

’til later, Jillian


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