Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice Mystery and Inklingo, Clue 2

Here are a few of my completed Clue 1 and 2 units:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(They are square, my el cheapo camera distorts these kind of flat images.)

All Clue 1 units are finished. With Clue 2, the next step is the challenging center seam–the moment of truth. I was greatly relieved that these first finished units measured correctly. I credit Inklingo for that, not my abilities, because I typically can’t sew a straight seam by machine, and I am extremely rotary cutter challenged! My ‘ooops’ and ‘oh ohs’ are way too common with a rotary cutter. For me, with Inklingo, I don’t have to think through every single action. I just print, cut, match the shapes, and sew.

Now if only someone could figure out how to keep fabric from being soft, shifting and moving (other than starching it to death)! Oh wait, aren’t those the qualities of fabric I love, once it’s pieced? tee hee…

Linda Franz (Inklingo inventor) showed a creative and innovative way of piecing these chevron units in her Clue 2 blog post. I decided to try it her way. It worked well for me. Linda’s ‘One-Page Guide’ (included in her free Clue 2 PDF Instructions) was very helpful in keeping my piecing organized and correct. In fact, it traveled with me from cutting table to sewing machine to ironing table.

Thanks for stopping. How are you doing on the Mystery? Continue to see the progress of many other Mystery participants by clicking the picture below (it will take you to Bonnie’s Clue 2 link-up post).

00 Paddy125’til later, Jillian


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