Words in Quilts–Psalm 23:1

I’ve been struggling with viral eye infections (both eyes) and a couple of other eye issues for weeks. Doc says it should be better in a week. This has made it difficult to do much of anything. I’m going to post a couple progress reports I had drafted until I’m able to do more.

After over four years of being cut, my Summer Porch throw, an Eleanor Burns pattern, has been pieced. This is truly a scrap quilt, most of the fabrics are cut up from blouses from friends!

As is, it’s 51×67. I’m not (currently) planning more border.

This is a comfort quilt for a friend who lives in another state. Her health is deteriorating quickly (she’s in her 80s). She’s the youngest of eight children, and last month lost her last surviving sibling.

I decided to do a scripture on the reverse. I debated whether to piece the letters free style, applique them, add it as part of the quilting motif, or as part of the label, or one of the other techniques I found during an internet search. I just knew I didn’t want the letters to be big and overwhelming.

I decided to try something new for me. I used Pellon’s fusible Quilter’s Grid (video here of the basic technique). I cut the squares for the letters and background at about 7/8 of an inch, narrower than the 1 inch grid,  so the fold for the seam would be free of fabric. I hoped this would make the seam less bulky. Here is the result:

(Note: it really is straight, el cheapo camera distorts flat objects.)

I don’t think I’ll use this technique again; at least with small squares. Using such small squares means I have a lot of stiffer seams close together. To me it is stiffer and the seam intersections lumpier than I’d like, even with the seams graded. If I did it again I would also be sure that the fabric for the letters is either higher contrast from the background, or not patterned.

I AM especially concerned about machine quilting this area. I’m concerned the machine will get hung up some on the seam intersections. I’m going to have to do some practice blocks to see how it will work. I may end up appliqueing it on after it’s quilted. But at 21×32 inches, that will present some construction challenges too. I’ll need to tack it down throughout to stabilize it to the quilt. I have a couple of other ideas, but would love to hear any you may come up with.

The rest of the backing will be flannel, with some really cute sheep. I thought it was fitting…

’til later, Jillian


About DakotaEssence

Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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2 Responses to Words in Quilts–Psalm 23:1

  1. Lovely, Jillian. I’m sure your friend will be as happy as can be when she receives this cute quilt.

  2. Darn it! I hit “return” and it posted. lol
    I wanted to say: I hope you are feeling in the pink real soon!

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