Shades of Orca Bay–Update

As a reminder, I am using the blocks from Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay Mystery differently than her original design. One of the alternate designs is Shades of Orca Bay, last blogged about here.

I appliqued all the 2 inch squares on my alternate blocks.

The squares already had the Inklingo template printed on them, so I wanted to take advantage of that. I wanted the squarest corner I could get with machine applique, which means not a lot of fabric in the corners. I put a pin in the corner and, using my lovely Clover Mini Iron, pressed the fabric back right over it, on the diagonal. Then I took a scant 2 inch square of Wonder-Under fusible web and pressed it to the center area of the block. I tucked the corner fold under the fusible’s paper and touched it with the tip of the iron, fusing it.

Before removing the backing on the Wonder-Under, I pressed the side seams. I removed the paper backing and fused the side seams, being VERY careful not to get the iron on the fusible in the center! (Didn’t want that mess to clean up.) My corners were crudely, but effectively, mitered–pic below.

I had lightly pressed a center horizontal and vertical fold in the background square to line up the tips of the red square. I fused the square in place on the background, then edge stitched.

I didn’t need one single pin while edge stitching. It all went very smoothly.

I packed up the blocks so I could get back to my priority list of projects. It will be back in the mix within the next couple of months.

’til later, Jillian

P.S. Per Cyn’s suggestion (thank you), I added construction pics to the post about Inklingo-ing a heart block



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One Response to Shades of Orca Bay–Update

  1. You explain things very well. Good and clear. Thank you.
    I like the little red square floating in the center of the black/white block. Nice!

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