Inklingo-ing a Heart Block Pattern

There is a very nice free heart block designed by Janet Wickell here at The block finishes at 6 inches. I made these according to Janet’s instructions (cut squares for the HSTs, draw diagonal lines, stitch on the lines, trim, etc.):

I prefer to print Inklingo shapes. Each block needs two different size HSTs:  four 1.5 inches,  and two 3 inches. (Remember with Inklingo shapes we reference the finished size.) I’ll just rotary cut the two 3.5×6.5 inch  rectangles.

Both of these HSTs are available in Inklingo Collection HST00B. The 1.5 inch HST is also in two Storm at Sea collections–4.5 inches and the 9 inches; and the 3 inch HST is also in Storm at Sea 9 inches.

I’m about to make 6 more blocks (two for a project, the rest will be extras). This time I’m making a colored heart on a light background only, not the reverse.

To print the 24 1.5 inch HSTs, I need a 7.75×10.25 piece of fabric. For the 12 3 inch HSTs, I need a 8.25×12.25 piece of fabric. I’m looking forward stitching these!

Edited to add construction pics. You probably won’t be able to see the Inklingo templates printed on these ‘cuz I printed them very lightly. When I print for pics, I usually do it a bit darker so you can see everything. Also, after stitching each seam I cut off the excess triangle of background fabric.

1. Layout to add first 1.5 inch HSTs:

2. Layout to add second 1.5 inch HSTs:

3. Layout to add 3 inch HSTs:

4. Finished!

Yes, I pressed to the light with this particular block. I’ll do that for half the blocks for easier construction.

’til later, Jillian


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Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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8 Responses to Inklingo-ing a Heart Block Pattern

  1. Looking forward to seeing your contruction pictures. Good idea.

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  4. Laura says:

    Very nice Jillian!

  5. Peggy S says:

    Super easy, Jillian. Thanks a bunch.

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