Prioritizing My Works in Progress

I’m planning on keeping up the momentum I’ve had with the Orca Bay Mystery. I needed to take stock of my unfinished projects and set priorities. This is my planned order for in-process gifts and their current status:

1. Tiny Triangle Table Toppers: Jan’s only needs binding; Bob & Patty’s partially pieced. Make 8 coordinating mug rugs.

3. Bind the Mug Rugs for Bree, Ginny, Nancy, Ruby and me.

2. Ginny’s Summer Porch throw, an Eleanor Burns pattern (has been cut for 4 years).

3. Vicky’s hearts and nine patches queen quilt (center pieced, piece borders); design and make matching shams and pillows.

4. Jason’s Flavors of Orca Bay throw (partially pieced–the Orca Bay Mystery Ohio Star blocks).

5. Justin’s Fishing in Orca Bay–No Strings Attached throw (partially pieced–the Orca Bay Mystery string blocks).

Projects that are in process but not committed to anyone: one inch hexagon Flower Basket quilt (medallion completed, all flowers pieced for first border); mini hexagon Flower Basket wall hanging (needs quilting); Amy Butler giant hexagons throw (needs quilting); Infinite Garden (wall hanging, shapes printed and cut apart); Incognito (design borders)–from this whimsical Marimekko Karkutella panel:

The list isn’t as long as I thought it would be. Guess that’s the advantage of writing it out.

But then there’s the endless list of Inklingo projects–Clamshell Pickles, Dresden Plates, Feathered Stars, etc., etc., etc. And there are a couple of Bonnie Hunter‘s quilts too. And, and, and… Sigh, I’ll decide on those later!

’til later, Jillian


About DakotaEssence

Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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One Response to Prioritizing My Works in Progress

  1. Hey, Jillian! Good for you writing a list. It always helps me to get more done. You’ve done the hard part; you’ve written it all down.
    It looks as both you and are having a similar take on the finishing of OB: divide and conquer! lol. Can’t wait to see pics on your blog.
    Nice post! I do enjoy visiting your blog…

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