Orca Bay Mystery Plan B Update: Flavors of Orca Bay

If you’re reading this and would like to know why I’m adjusting Bonnie’s beautiful Orca Bay Mystery pattern, please read yesterday’s post.

As I bemoaned to fellow blogger Anneke yesterday,  I really need to learn how to use my EQ software! (Check out Anneke’s blog, she’s a very competent EQer and brilliant quilt designer.) But then I’d have to stop sewing some. Nonetheless, EQ has to be so much faster than the scribbling and figuring I’ve been doing with pencil,  paper and my beloved (read that as well used) eraser. The added incentive for me is the Inklingo/Electric Quilt design contest, Love the Lines, Quilt More that has awesome prizes. Sigh, I need a new brain that retains more and a more cooperative body!  tee hee…

Thanks to my bestest friend Bree (Sabrina), my Ohio Stars quilt now has a name–Flavors of Orca Bay:

Without borders, this quilt will be about 56×75 inches. This is for a family member’s t.v. room so it’s a good size for cuddling under while hanging out. I’m going to use a slightly narrower seam allowance on the Ohio Star blocks so they’ll finish at 6.25 inches instead of 6 inches. Block 2 will have a full quarter inch seam allowance (cut at 6.75 inches). By making all the blocks this size I will be squeaking out a bit more width and length, and then I won’t feel the need to grade seams either as it’ll be done already!

My 9 block by 12 block setting will have 54 Ohio Star blocks (27 white, 27 black), and 54 block 2. ( I suppose block 2 has a name. Would it be considered a Square in Square? Please tell me if you know.)

I’m going to machine applique the 2 inch red squares on block 2 ‘cuz it’ll take less background fabric than piecing. I already had 44 extra red squares ‘Inklingoed‘ from the Ohio Star blocks. I printed out the rest… plus a few more. I do like to have those extras to play with.

I had 3 yards of the black swirl background fabric for block 2. I needed almost 2 yards for the block. I got 6 6.75 inch blocks per WOF (width of fabric), so I cut 10 strips and subcut them into squares. I then lightly pressed fold lines for the placement of the applique squares–pressed each block in half both directions so all I need do is line up the tips of the red square on the folds and it’ll be perfectly centered.

Today’s plan is to try different applique techniques to see which I prefer for sewing the red squares on the block 2s.

’til later, Jillian


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5 Responses to Orca Bay Mystery Plan B Update: Flavors of Orca Bay

  1. Anneke says:

    Thanks for the compliments Jillian! What a lovely surprise to see my name and blog mentioned here!

  2. Jeanne in IL says:

    I like your plan B. It i very striking!

  3. What a brilliant name for your PlanB quilt… or is that PlanC? lol. It is nice to have talented and supportive friends, eh?!
    I do love your new quilt plan. In fact, I think a few others on the Net are already considering something very similar to yours [you’ve been given credit for the idea]. Your ‘built in’ graded s.a. is a nice time saver. Good idea.
    Any ideas for the red string squares/triangles and/or the blue ones?
    Cyn; -)

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