Orca Bay Mystery!–My Plan B

Bonnie has revealed a stunning Orca Bay quilt. I think we should crown Bonnie the Queen of Scrappy Quilts! She has an amazing eye for color and how blocks fit together.

After laying my blocks in the final setting, I still did not like my black & white HSTs, but I also did not like the blue or purple I blogged about yesterday. I kept switching out my pieces and comparing what I was getting with Bonnie’s quilt, trying to nail down what I did and didn’t love in mine. I also was evaluating what you told me in your comments too as I did this. (Thank you all for your input, it was very helpful.)

In the end, the problem for me is that my Ohio Star blocks and the black & white HSTs are not scrappy–the black is one fabric and the white is one fabric. I love all my units individually, but for whatever reason, they just don’t play well together to my eye. For me this is a lesson well learned about what I love about scrappy quilts, that they’re scrappy!

Instead of trying to fix anything, I’m going to make a couple quilts from my pieces. I’m not disappointed in this. Actually it’s quite exciting for me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this mystery. I’ve learned a lot, and have loved being part of a big group sharing the process.

One of my quilts will be the string blocks, sashed in black with orangey-red cornerstones, kinda like this (note: the colors are not showing true, they are not this saturated/bright):

Yup, sashed with black. Can you believe it after my dilemma yesterday?  tee hee…

The second quilt will most likely be this:

Looks very tame after the intricacy of Orca Bay!

I haven’t decided if I’m going to use the black & white HSTs in this quilt as the borders. I had an idea yesterday on how to use them in another quilt. BUT that’s a really nifty border Bonnie has on Orca Bay–I may need to do it with these blocks! I won’t make the border decision until this one is on the design wall.

Of course I need to get the design wall hung back up after moving earlier this year…

I hope you enjoyed the Ocra Bay Mystery as much as I have. I hope Bonnie will take the time to do another one next year. If she does, my primary lesson from this year is: do Bonnie’s color scheme exactly, or wait until all the Parts are posted to decide on a different color scheme.

’til later, Jillian


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7 Responses to Orca Bay Mystery!–My Plan B

  1. Sorry to hear you are not happy with your mystery units. However, I think you will have 2 wonderful quilts when you combine the pieces how you are suggesting!! I particularly like your string quilt solution. Great decision to jump outside the box and make it work 🙂

  2. EllyD says:

    Hello Jillian, I too have enjoyed the fun of this mystery and have also enjoyed watching your progress throughout. Your part blocks are beautiful.
    I like your idea of making 2 quilts out of the parts and particularly like how you’ve set your Ohio Stars in the second picture. I may need to steel a bit of that idea ;). Like you I have been finding it difficult to find enough variety in my stash, particularly of the black and neutral. I don’t have a lot of black and even less that is ‘male’ friendly. Same with the neutral. And as much as I love Bonnie’s design I’m not sure if is for DS.

  3. Happy New Year!
    You have some great ideas going — good for you. You also should be commended for a wonderful attitude! I like that you are “re-grouping” and deciding how to use these great OB blocks instead of whining about it. Being able to switch horses in mid-stream really shows your artistic side. Can’t wat to see what you come up with!
    Thanks for sharing all your super ideas all year — you have a nice blog!
    Cyn; -)

  4. ooops, in the last sentence that should NOT be: “wat”, but should be: Can’t “wait” to see…
    from the bad typist! lol

  5. Bree says:

    Agatha Christie once wrote a novel called “Destination Unknown”, and since I am a mystery buff I have to say that I’ve been following her clues in anticipation of finding out “who dun’it”. Bonnie’s quilt is an amazing rendition of the typical murder mystery – each clue gives us a character with some information about what he is like but not how he fits into the whole mystery. Is he the victim? Is he the ‘murderer’? Or perhaps just a supporting character used to give added dimension to a main character, by adding some tidbit of the relationship between the characters. Sometimes supporting characters may develop a complexity of their own, but this is usually in relation to the main character, rather than entirely independently.

    I noticed that those quilters who at the end had “dun’it” were those who very carefully chose their fabrics to mimic Bonnie’s directions. These were the 3 categories of bold colors that did really stand out against each other. And, I thought, they kept the contrast of the reds and blues and neutrals and blacks quite rigidly. As Bonnie suggested, the neutral means anything with a white/cream/beige background. Her directive to look at the background color of the fabric and see if there is enough “neutral” showing through, was to me a very important “clue” to the overall ability to solve the mystery successfully.

    Having seen the fabric choices that Jillian had available to her I can now see how very important those “neutral” colors turned out to be when viewing the entire finished quilt. The solid black and white fabric choices really didn’t work well enough to mimic Bonnie’s vision of the Orca Bay sky.

    But I must say that I am absolutely thrilled that Jillian’s supporting characters have achieved an entirely independent spin-off from the original mystery quilt. Rather than finishing up with a “Peril at End House” she has come away with 2 or maybe 3 very independent quilts. You might almost rename her “new” black and white quilt “Flavor of Orca Bay.” And perhaps her first possibility might be called “No Strings Attached” as it too has it’s own great independent theme.

    As always, I look forward to seeing more of Jillian’s creative quilting endeavors.

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