Changes to my Orca Bay Mystery Blocks–Inklingo-ing Parts 3 & 5 Together

One of my goals with the Orca Bay Mystery was to only use fabrics I have. That meant that the reds Bonnie chose in her color scheme for me would mostly be light to medium tones. Because of this change, I’m not loving my flying geese units for this step. I love black in quilts that have high intensity colors–it makes the colors just sparkle. In real life my colors are washing out next to the black. I want that sparkle. I don’t want to settle for what for me is a ‘meh’ color scheme!

My bestest friend Sabrina and I had fun auditioning different fabrics yesterday as possible substitutes. The two finalists were a  purple and a bright blue:

The purple would do, but blue won for the look I want. What do you think?

I considered not piecing the HSTs again, but take the short cut and use just a ‘solid’ blue as in the pic. But then from a design perspective, in my opinion, there is no continuity of the black that’s in the Ohio Star blocks. So I’m going to remake all my HSTs from black and blue. What is black in the original design will be blue, what’s white will be black.

I tell you I would not ever redo all these 1,416 HSTs if it weren’t for the ease and accuracy of Inklingo templates!

Guess what I’ll be doing today?

And, I’ve figured out how I’m going to use these black & white HSTs for a new quilt project.

’til later, Jillian


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Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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5 Responses to Changes to my Orca Bay Mystery Blocks–Inklingo-ing Parts 3 & 5 Together

  1. Sharyn says:

    Thud 🙂
    I think the black would look marvelous with the into the pink tones of your strippies, very sunset-ie.

  2. Sarah says:

    I like the black too, with the little white “sparkles” in it (looks like the stars coming out!), but if you don’t, I’d have to say go with the blue (even though I wish it were a bit darker). It feels like the cool color is nice to balance the heat of the reds/pinks/etc.
    You might want to hang on a sec though and wait to see what tomorrow’s clue brings. Then decide once you see how all the parts fit together!

    ps. you are making me want inklingo things. Yes you are. : )

  3. DakotaEssence says:

    Hi Sharyn & Sarah,
    Thank you! I was about to cut the blue fabric and started to ask myself if this was REALLY necessary. So, I’m going to do what you suggest Sarah, and wait until the big reveal tomorrow and see how I ‘feel’ about how it all comes together! And you’re right, the fabric is supposed to be the night sky with the stars; I thought it was quite appropriate for this project! Thanks again for your input.
    ’til later, Jillian

  4. Randi says:

    I think your black/white wing triangles look great with your more subtle pink toned string triangles. At least this is coming through looking nice to me in your photos. Sometimes photos can be deceiving, I know… To wait like the others said could prove helpful, also then you could consider all the work involved to make a change that might take away from the overall design. Your strings look wonderful, with a nice variety of fabrics and values. Looking forward to seeing what you decide. Good luck!

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