Orca Bay Mystery!–Part 6 Update

Bonnie Hunter‘s Orca Bay Mystery continues–we’re six weeks into the mystery already!Last post I wrote about Inklingo-ing this step. Everything has been printed and cut for a couple of days, but I didn’t do much sewing. As of now, I do have all 28 of the dark cornered blocks finished:

My string blocks of ‘reds’ are mostly are pinks to purples, and oranges to reds. I’m using three different fabrics for the centers of these blocks: a batik with pinks, oranges and reds in the background, a novelty of orange and yellow bubbles, and a very bright orangey red. I’m excited on how this is all going to come together.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you may recall that I’m using a new to me vintage Bernina 801S. I was struggling and struggling with getting accurate quarter inch seams, straight seams, and I had a lot of thread problems. Everything else I sewed had a beautiful stitch, with no thread issues, but anything with a quarter inch seam fed crookedly. I had decided to take her in to the local Bernina dealer. In great frustration, I switched back to a regular Bernina foot from the non-Bernina quarter inch foot I had been using. That silly non-Bernina presser foot turned out to be the issue! I’m back to being in love with this machine. And, I’m going to scour eBay for the old style Bernina presser feet to round out the ones I have.

We’ve been having record setting high temperatures–in the mid-40s to 50s. Not a below zero temperature in sight. Been a weird December weather-wise for us. It sure will make the winter seem a lot shorter whenever the ‘real’ weather kicks in.

’til later, Jillian


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Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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5 Responses to Orca Bay Mystery!–Part 6 Update

  1. Debra in Ma. says:

    Very nice Ohio Blocks. They came out real pretty. Enjoy the weather while it lasts! Happy New Year.

  2. Rhoda says:

    beautiful blocks!

  3. Leeanne says:

    cool zap of orange!

  4. Dino says:

    Your centers closely resemble mine, I am using batiks too in the orangy to red and pinky purples-reminds me of sunsets…

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