My New Sewing Machine Table

I’m in love with my new 24×48 inch self-built ‘Cheap Sewing & Quilting Table’ designed by Marguerita McManus. I made it specifically for my new-to-me vintage Bernina 801S.  This is how it looks when I need the full table for a project:

And this is how I use it when I’m piecing, with my pressing ‘board’ right there:

I made my pressing board with two pieces of foam core wrapped in aluminum foil. I wrapped that in a sandwich of canvas, fused to a cotton quilt bat, fused to a cotton backing. I didn’t even bother to finish the edges, it’s survived washing a few times already. This is as firm as using a piece of wood, and much lighter for me to stash when not in use.

Marguerita has a four part youtube video explaining how to make this table out of rigid foam insulation and vinyl yardage. Here’s part 1:

Marguerita also has an inexpensive downloadable book, Sew & Quilt in Comfort, that details how to make the table. It has other ergonomic tips too.

I’ve been struggling some with my 3/4-inch HSTs for my Tiny Table Topper. The feed dogs of my sewing machine just don’t want to grab these little pieces evenly. I’ve used a stiletto, and a good long tweezers, and tried the walking foot but they’ve not turned out as accurately as they should with Inklingo templates! I do have one of the toppers sewn, with more cut off tips than I prefer. I’m going to try hand piecing some of these tiny HSTs tonight that are ready for the second topper to see if I prefer doing it that way. (I LOVE to hand piece.)

’til later, Jillian


About DakotaEssence

Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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2 Responses to My New Sewing Machine Table

  1. Marguerita says:

    Wow – it’s always so surprising to see someone else’s table because it makes me feel like I am looking into one of my own rooms – at my own table! I hope that it makes you as comfortable and happy with your quilting as mine has made me. Thank you SO much for sharing your pics and for your kind words. {Big happy grin on my face} Marguerita

  2. Cathy T. says:

    I too am a Marguerita fan. She is such a very nice lady & has clever ideas for the quilting table & many others. She has helped me figure out my best chair/table height setup for less shoulder & back pain. I loved her book!

    I also like your lightweight ironing surface for piecing. I made a small table-side one from an old wood cutting board; it’s small so not heavy, but I can see yours would be great if you have to move it very much.
    Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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