Give-Aways & Contests: Electric Quilt 7 Software, Inklingo, etc.

There are some great quilt-related Give-Aways and contests out there. I learn about most of these by reading blogs so I thought I’d reciprocate and share with you some of the ones I know about. Do you know of others? Let us know in the comments please.


Do you EQ? If you don’t have EQ7 yet, run to the EQ7 give-away at beaquilter! This fabulous Give-Away ends Sunday, December 18.

I was thrilled to win an EQ6 package as part of the 2008 Benartex Piece, Love and Quilts contest for My Mod Years quilt:

I have a chronic disease that turns my brain to dyslexic-like mush as it wills. I’ve been going through a particularly bad mushy brain time and my comprehension hasn’t been good enough to learn any software. I’m grateful to have reaped some very positive health changes recently thanks to the Marshall Protocol. One of my quilting goals is to become EQ proficient ‘cuz I need to get some quilt designs out of my head. (Do you get obsessed about a design too? It can be a plague!) EQ has to be faster than graphing out quilt designs by hand like I’ve been doing!

Now I have an even bigger motivator to learn EQ. Linda Franz & Inklingo, Electric Quilt, and Northcott fabrics have announced a contest.


Inklingo templates have so spoiled me that virtually every quilt design running around in my brain is connected to an Inklingo template collection. Now learning to design with Inklingo in Electric Quilt has become even more enticing due to the just announced Love the Lines. Quilt More! contest, The grand prize is:

– $500 worth of Inklingo collections (That’s a gazillion Inklingo template collections–obviously an enthusiastic exaggeration on my part, but many of the dozens of collections are just $15); AND

– from Electric Quilt, a deluxe book and software bundle (great additions to any EQ software); AND

– a $250 fabric bundle of Poppy Love from Northcott (I love Northcott fabrics).

Plus there are three major runner up prize packages.

I really appreciate the head’s up on this contest as it runs from January 1 to February 14, 2012 so I have a chance to learn the EQ software and maybe be able enter.


And, finally, there’s Michele’s Blog Hop with Give-Aways that I’m going to participate in too. This should be quite a fun Hop. As of December 7th there are 226 bloggers registered from 20 countries! Please come back between December 9 and 17 for my Give-Away. Here’s a tease for you, a 3-inch (finished size) HST:

I could use some fresh flowers right now–we’re going to have 10 to 25 below zero F wind chills tonight.

’til later, Jillian


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