Inklingo-ing a Table Topper Pattern

The majority of quilt and quilt-related patterns are written for rotary cutting. That’s not how those of us that use Inklingo’s digital templates see a pattern. For example, the cutting and assembling instructions may indicate cutting 3-7/8 inch squares to make half square triangles by marking a diagonal line on the wrong side of a square and them sew 1/4 inch on each side of the drawn line. Inklingo shapes are based on the finished size of a shape so all I need to know is the finished size of the HSTs (in this example, 3 inches) and how many are in the project. Then I can look up the best size template to print.

Here’s how I’ve ‘Inklingo-ed’ the shapes in the 16-1/2 inch table topper I’m making as a housewarming gift. Tiny Triangles Table Topper is a free pattern from that is ‘inspired by “Vintage Voyage” from designer Ann Hermes.’ This pattern does not list the finished size of each shape in the quilt. I hope that someday soon designers will begin noting finished sizes on their patterns.

I need 9 3-inch (finished size) HSTs. I will cut 1 piece of each of my two fabrics 8-1/4×12-1/4 inches, I will only print one fabric. This will yield 12 HSTs–the three extra will be my test to check my scant quarter inch seam. These extras will become part of the backing. Cut, printed and layered it looks like this:

Notice that I’ve cut my fabric a tiny bit large. I don’t mind the little bit of waste. If I needed to be more frugal or my fabric size was limited, I could cut more precisely.

I also need 96 3/4-inch (finished size) HSTs. All will have white and another color.  I’m using 6 different ‘colored’ fabrics. That means I need 16 HSTs of each color. For the 96 white HSTs I will print 3 7×7 inch pieces, yielding 32 HSTs per piece. I will cut each printed white fabric in half, yielding the 6 pieces I need to match up with the colors. I will cut 1 piece of fabric 3-1/2×7 inches from each of the 6 colors. I will not print these. In the picture below, the center printed piece is before I cut it in half, it is flanked by the halves paired with a color:

Finally I need 4 1-1/2 inch squares of the border print. One 4-1/2×4-1/2 inch fabric is all I need.

Next I’ll sew the HSTs.

’til later, Jillian


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