Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay Mystery–Part 1

I’m participating in my first mystery quilt. It’s an interesting feeling to trust someone else’s decisions about a full size quilt. I love that Bonnie’s designs have detail, so I’m quite confident this will be another of her winning designs. Here’s the link to the mystery if you’d like more details:

One of my challenges with this project is that I’m using a new-to-me vintage sewing machine. It’s a 1984 Bernina 801S Sport that I’ve only cleaned and oiled. I know Part 1 will take me a little extra time and care as I get familiar with this machine.

Part 1 is 224 QSTs (Hour Glass blocks) that finish at 2″. Mine will be black and white. I don’t have enough black and neutral scraps to make them scrappy so I’m using yardage from my stash. My preferred template for any shape in a quilt is using Inklingo.  (If you want more details about Inklingo templates, here’s a link for a blog post with pics and information on the Orca Bay Mystery quilt and QSTs:

I’m only going to print the template on the white fabric. I decided to use the 7×10 inch size, that yields 12 finished QSTs per sheet. I need 19 sheets for this project. This is what the printed white fabric looks like layered on the black, with sewn pairs ready to be cut and trimmed, along with a few already sewn and trimmed (Sorry about image quality. Camera’s seems to be dying!):

I could have done continuous line stitching instead of starting, stopping and back stitching to lock the seams. I didn’t because I wanted to get to know the Bernina intimately.

These are the test QSTs, front and back to show how I pressed them:

Every single one had perfectly matched centers (I LOVE the accuracy I get with Inklingo). A few were undersized until I found my perfect scant quart inch seam on this sewing machine. I MUST get an open toed embroidery foot for this machine. It was much more of a struggle than it needed to be to see the stitching line thru the small slit in the presser foot! (Just call me squinty eyes…  tee hee.)

I need some help with blog stuff. Can anyone explain to me how to make the links as a highlighted word in wordpress instead of posting the whole url? I used to know how to do it! TIA…

’til later,  Jillian


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6 Responses to Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay Mystery–Part 1

  1. Steph says:

    Nice job on the QST’s! I like seeing all the different ways to make them.
    In order to make a link as a highlighted word in WordPress while you are writing your post, highlight the words that you want to be the link and then click on the Insert/edit link button (it looks like a dumbbell) that is at the top of the square you are writing the body of your post in. It is the 10th button from the left, just to the right of the buttons that center the writing. Once you click on that button, a new window opens up for you to paste the URL that you want it to link to. I hope it works for you!

  2. Ellen says:

    Your blocks certainly do look perfect!

  3. How fun to be using the mystery to become familiar with a vintage machine! Looks like you’re getting along famously so far 🙂

    • DakotaEssence says:

      You know Helen, it continues to surprise me that sewing machines have such individual personalities. I’ve found that when piecing with this machine the left feed dog feeds the fabric kinda funky/crooked. So instead of putting the fabric to the left of the needle as we normally do, I’m trying it to the right, and it sews perfectly straight! Thankfully it seems to be only piecing these smaller blocks, sewing bigger things is no problem at all.

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