Hexagons: One Inch and Quarter Inch Comparison

I haven’t stitched a thing in the past couple of weeks ‘cuz it’s been a difficult personal time. One extremely close friend died in a work-related accident, a week later another died from cancer, and in the middle of all that my Visa debit card was hacked! Ugh, it was rough. I’m very, very grateful to have my faith, and close, supportive family and friends to help me through this difficult time (Revelation 21:3, 4).

Yesterday when I looked at my mini I had a slight itch to do some stitching so I think I’m getting over the shock of it all.

In the midst of all the emotional stuff, I did do some designing. Inklingo shapes and designs sometimes float through my brain at will and I get obsessed with the ideas until they’re worked out  😉 . I colored the designs by hand. Getting into a creative ‘right brain zone’ was very therapeutic for me, a short vacation from all the intense emotional stuff.

Now to the subject hexagons…

As you may remember, the pattern I’m using for the mini is based on the one I designed for the one inch hexagons I received from the Inklingo yahoo group swap. Here’s that one-inch medallion work in process with the quarter inch mini on the design wall. I think you’ll find the size comparison interesting:

The one-inch medallion is about 49 inches long, the mini about 16.5 inches. Sorry about the poor picture quality. I’ve hung the flannel sheet for this design wall over the south window drapes. The other windows in the room face east and have a couple of trees in front of them so the light is very diffused for pictures.

Now back to finishing the blue border on the mini….

’til later,



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Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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6 Responses to Hexagons: One Inch and Quarter Inch Comparison

  1. Joan says:

    they are BOTH beautiful Jillian – I love them …the smaller one is looking wonderful..Bewitching hour is here – I need sleep.

  2. Cathie in UT says:

    Oh my it is amazing how the size of the hex’s change everything LOL
    So very beautiful and you are an inspiration to me to get some time in on my little placemat and my LeMoyne stars I started last year

  3. Cathie in UT says:

    OH and I am so very sorry at the loss of your friends, it is good that you are feeling more yourself now!

  4. Elly D says:

    Jillian, your work is amazing. Even the picture of the back of the little hexagons looks fabulous.
    I’m so sorry to read about your two friends. My sincere condolences. Elly

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