.25 inch Hexagons: April 1st Update

My goal for April 1st was to have all the piecing completed. I’m almost there:

I needed to add a row of background to the top and bottom in order to square it off. The border is next–a row of  full and partial hexagons in the dark blue that surrounds the basket medallion. The edges look so wavy because the seam allowances aren’t pressed yet.

I also switched out one of the flowers in the basket–the one to the left of the pink stripe. It’s still the same orange-red fabric ‘petals’ as the original, but from a slightly brighter area of the fabric. I also changed the center from a black dot to a dark purple dot. It’s hard to see in the picture, but it has more ‘energy.’ I knew I was splitting hairs over it, but I needed to be completely satisfied so I just replaced it. What a pain in the neck it was to stitch in just one flower!

After the border hexes are on, I’ll trim and press the seam allowances. Even though Linda Franz made the seam allowances on the .25 hexes slightly less than the typical .25 inches, there’s a LOT of fabric behind the pieces. Think more fabric behind each hex as in it! Frankly it’s a great texture from the back, it looks like brain coral:

The texture is so interesting that everyone wants to pet it!

I’m going to make an applique bird for the top of the basket handle. Haven’t designed it yet, just been stewing on it!

I’m in a dilemma on how to quilt this. My quilting skills are weak! I’ve got some ideas but am asking for your input pretty PLEASE. I will be machine quilting.

Thanks for your input!

’til  later,



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Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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12 Responses to .25 inch Hexagons: April 1st Update

  1. Jane Atkinson says:

    Jillian, I am so impressed with this, what a labor of love. I left a message for you on the inklingo site as I thought others might be interested to see Sue’s work as well. Jane

  2. Kari says:

    What an awesome piece! You must have an awesome sense of accomplishment now even though it is only half-way done!

    I have a large hexagon quilt to quilt and I’m deciding between circles (6 hex size) or something more complex. I invite you to look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/45458521@N00/2602174410/ and also the blog posting at http://joningram.org/blog/2008/08/the-joy-of-hex/. There’s a gazillion possibilities!

    • dakotaessence says:

      Hi Kari, I had to giggle that you’ve found and liked the same great interesting hexagons on the net that I did! I was especially fascinated with the joy of hex post when I found it too–but I had not thought of it as a possible quilting pattern. Must stew on that one!

  3. Elly says:

    hi Jillian your hexagon basket is looking wonderful. I can’t think how you’d quilt it but I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. The texture of the back is indeed wonderful. I had to look real close as I first thought it was some embroidery, LOL.

  4. sunshine says:

    because you used inklingo your backs are not flat as they would be with paper piecing and you have used to much fabric on the back. Both of which make it hard if not impossible to quilt by hand normally. I would suggest that you machine quilt it with straight lines in the middle of the hexagons that form a hexagon pattern starting in the center and working out or an all over stipple pattern. I can see where inklingo is great for big things but for fine detail paper piecing is still so much better for the neatness of the back of the work

  5. sunshine says:

    I wanted to post this just so you know I do know what I am talking about

  6. sunshine says:

    sorry I posted a link but it didn’t show I will try again here

  7. jane smith says:

    how are you going to press the back? even on the large one, how do you press it???

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