.25 inch Hexagon Wall Hanging Project

All my hundreds of newly printed .25 inch hexagons are now cut apart. I finished cutting the last bunch yesterday while at a doctor’s office.

For this wall hanging project, I’m doing a modified version of this pattern that I designed in 2008:

My design is based on a quilt by Bernice Blakney that I found at the Quilt Index.

The original project is still in process. Many of the flowers are made up of  hexagons from the shape swap from the Inklingo yahoo group. This is where I was a year ago:

I’ve since completed the inner medallion.

’til later,



About DakotaEssence

Piecing and quilting in the northern Plains.
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3 Responses to .25 inch Hexagon Wall Hanging Project

  1. Joan says:

    Jillian, that project looks great. A friend of mine, Lin, also on the Inklingo list is also doing this……she is working in China…you can visit her album on the Inklingo Yahoo site…I will let her know your blog site and she can come and have a peek at your project.
    Look forward to seeing it again. Thcolours are lovely.

    • dakotaessence says:

      Hi Joan,

      It’s been fun seeing Lin’s quilt come together hasn’t it? She asked for my permission to use this pattern. Unfortunately, blogs are not accessible in China.

  2. Kay says:

    Beautiful, I was thinking of doing a similar project and yours has finally made my mind up. Thank you!

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